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Lindberg´s music had plenty of colours and spunk...the lamentation of Lindberg´s score was memorable indeed.
The London Times

Not since the Vaughan-Williams´ tuba concerto has there been such beautiful melodic writing for a brass instrument
Chicago Sun Times

Lindberg underscored his credentials as a serious conductor with a barnstorming account of Sibelius´s Second Symphony...
The Guardian, London

You could stick a kazoo in his hands,
and he’d sell the concert hall out

The New York Times

Lindberg as a conductor was a tremendous experience. Nothing is left to chance in his hands.
Review German conducting dèbut Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie

He led a performance of Sibelius´ Second Symphony
that I never expect to hear bested

US conducting debut, Phoenix Symphony Orchestra

…totally in harmony with Tchaikovsky´s own intention with neither excesses nor understatements, but with the passion always present.
Dagens Nyheter

Successful with restrained force, earnestness and psychological calculus, a masterful performance by the highly ambitious conductor Lindberg.
Südwestpresse, Stuttgart

Lindberg is an accomplished composer and the
Concerto was the highlight of the evening

World Premiére Tuba Concerto

He gives classical music a completely new face.
With the lightness of a ballet dancer he created a light,
crisp and fresh interpretation.

Conducting Debut Lahti Symphony Orchestra

The next time this marvel is in town, don´t stay away
The London Times

...a force of nature. His energy and enthusiasm are unrivaled and he understands how to establish an instant connection with an orchestra.
Hans Verbugt, Royal Flemish Philharmonic

His body language is part of his success…the car industry in Scandinavia might be in crisis, but when it comes to music can only say: Respect Old Swede!
Nürnberger Zeintung

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2019-03-03 Maestro buena noche, queria saber que me rutina de estudio me recomienda para subir el nivel , teniendo en cuenta que tengo poco tiempo para estudiar, la verdad le agradeceria mucho. Carlos colombia Dear Carlos, of course by using a daily routine you will be able to improve!! Do take a look at my video Christian Lindberg Daily Routine!! Best of Luck!! CL

2018-08-10 How did you get into yoga and what gave you the idea to put it into your warm-ups? Did you just study it and found it was useful for playing? Ralph us I had some really huge problems with pain in the back, and then a friend of mine suggested that I should try Yoga. In 2 months the pain was gone, and since then I have done yoga every day. The reason I put it in to my warmup is that I know that I will never skip a warmup, whereas doing yoga seperately is sometimes something I would be tempted to skip. CL

2018-07-12 Mr. Lindberg when you were young what was your development of the skill you have now a hard to obtain or was there always a gift to your talent you have now in the musical life? Mark Ball united states I believe things were very easy for me in the beginning, but I had good experienced people who gave me the advice never to trust only on your talent. Hard work without talent is not so easy, but even worse is talent not being taken care of with hard work. Working hard is really really necessary to ashieve happiness and siccess. CL

2018-06-27 Dear Mr Lindberg, I’m a researcher on a project investigating John Cage’s Concert for Piano and Orchestra ( We have been researching the performance history of the piece, and have been interested to listen your very fine recording of the Solo for Sliding Trombone. I would be very interested to hear your perspective on how you approached your part. Would it be possible to ask you one or two questions about it over email? With all good wishes, Emily Payne Emily Payne UK Dear Emily, yes please do, my email address is CL

2018-02-02 Dear Mr.Lindberg, I am a Japanese high school student. And my English is not so good, but I will write the best I can. I really love your sounds. However, I do not like mine so you like yourself? And at what age were you the best? Now? Mayu Japan Dear Mayu, The minute one sit down and say "I love my sound" is a very dangerous moment! I always try to improve, and to be able to improve you have to be disappointed with something in your playing, so your reaction is very very normal. Just continue to work and try to improve. I myself hope to improve over the years to come!! Best of luck, life is all about improving, both as a musicain and as a human being! CL

2017-12-12 Hello Mr. Lindberg, I wanted to say that you a big reason why I was inspired and still continue to play trombone today! Your recordings, compositions and knowledge continue to wow and amazing me and my teacher in Canada! I had a question about practicing alto trombones. At what point did you start to practice alto and what are some tips or suggestions for someone who is thinking about trying alto! Thank you!! Dom G Canada Dear Dom, Thanks for your kind words. I started pretty late to play the alto trombone, when I was around 21-22, and in the beginning it was pretty difficult, and particularly to find the correct positions. I myself only studied the concertos on the alto and learned to play in it that way. Once I had put enough hours in on it, I found it to be an easier instrumetn than the tenor trombone. I wish I had more tips to give you...but I think basically the natural way is the best way! CL

2017-11-05 Muchas gracias por sus vídeo tips maestro, son de gran ayuda para entender mucho más nuestro quehacer. Un abrazo cálido desde Colombia. Admiración y respeto. Carlos Castro Colombia Thanks so much Carlos! CL

2017-10-10 Hi! What are your thoughts on wearing ear plugs to protect your hearing? Do you use them (if so, what kind?)? Are they bad for practicing? Vetle Norway I have never used anything like that, have been exposed to enormously loud dynamics and can still, after 4 years in the business hear every frequency. I was told by a doctor,that as long as you positively embrace loud sounds, and if you ara always prepared for sudden loud sounds your ears can take much more than one tends to believe. I really enjoy hearing all the frequencies in the correct dynamic. CL

2017-08-22 Did you ever study with Arnold Jacobs or used his teachings to aid your trombone playing? Charlie Us I never studied with him, but I new many of his students, and of course I was very interested in his ideas. CL

2017-08-03 Dear Christian, I am hugely inspired by your artistry, as well as your dedication to your fitness and health - especially all your marathoning! How do you find time to fit this training in? Do you run early/late in the day, before/after practicing?Congratulations on an amazing career that inspires everyone. Bob Canada Sorry for very late reply!! Unfortunately I can not run anymore due to my knees, but I do a workout of 15 minutes three times every day. It is based on Yoga and the mamous 7 minute workout in combination. When I used to run I always ran right before lunch. Morning was to difficult for the muscles, and evening I was usually very tired after a day of hard work. I think the secret is to have a schedule, then you become very effective and it is amazing how much you actually can fit in!! CL

2017-07-08 Sólo quiero decirle Muchísimas gracias por ser la inspiración nuestra y por tanto aporte al trombón. Usted sigue siendo un modelo a seguir. Carlos Castro Colombia Thank you so much Carlos! CL

2017-05-21 Dear Mr. Lindberg, im a fan of you, and i play trombone because of you! i v heard that you have a routine warm up with yoga , i beginnt with yoga, maybe do you have your Warm up with yoga in a Paper? if you have it , could you send me it per email ,? great greeting from Germany Leonardo Leonardo Germany Go to one of my trombone tips on youtube! The warmup is there! I don´t exactly recall shich one of them...but it was one of the first. Best of Luck, Christian CL

2017-03-15 I see you are going to Wien on 10 June 2018 as a part of the Norrköping SO European tour. Do you know what are the other dates and cities? It would be great if you would come to Berlin! Rene Foltin Germany Still hope that we can! Best Regards, Christian CL

2016-10-01 Hello Christian and congrats on your new appointment. I am curious if your performances of the works of Arvo Part will ever be released. I adore his music and would love to hear you playing his truly stunning works. Thanks and all the best, Tim USA No plans at the moment Tim. CL

2016-08-29 Hi there, do you have idea when exactly you will be performing Petersson 12 next September, and also which cities you are planning to visit on the Petersson 7 tour in 2018? Or is everything still top secret? Thanks and best wishes from London Mark Summers England 18-25 September 2017 is the 12th Symphony planned, and we will do one tour of no 7 Pettersson to Uppsala and Norrköping(with Norrköping), and one in Bodö, Tromsö, Luleå, Oulu and Vilnius with Arctic Philharmonic.. You can find it on my schedule at the homepage! Find also Symphony no 5 in February 2017 in Norrköping together with the exceptional trumpet player Pacho Flores CL

2016-08-03 Are there any recordings of you performing solos from the standard repertoire? (Tuba Mirum, Mahler 3, Bolero, etc.) Thomas Canada Unfortunately no orchestral pieces...but standard repertoire as Leopold Mozart, Ferdinand David, Gröndahl, Guilmant, Creston etc of course! Go to and download. CL

2016-06-29 How do you have energy after not having a full nights rest, if that ever happens? Also, do you ever get sleepy after eating and how would one combat that? Samantha You just get used to it if you have to! If your physical shape in general is good you can cope with it, if you are weak you can´t, so build up your shape. And: Just do not eat too much, and eat heathly!!! Then you might not become tired!! Best of luck! CL

2016-06-24 What do you think about when playing? The character of the piece, the emotions they illicit, or do you think of the song in your head? Or any combination? Jimmy There are millions of thoughts coming up in to the head. I try to make my brain as still as possible and just enjoy the power of music. It is a mixture of being in control and leting oneself go! Very exciting and creates a lots of energy, and this energy is hopefully transformed to the audience who hopefully gets equally excited. CL

2016-06-10 I am very glad meet you in Düsseldorf in the competition in September))) I teach your play, but I can not find it in you tube. Where I can find it and listen to? Best regards> Полина Полина Тарасенко Украина-Россия Go to my youtube clips called "Christian Lindberg Video Diary and Trombone Tip" CL

2016-06-04 What is your daily routine like? Do you have a set time you always wake up, exercise, practice, spend time with family, etc or do you go by flow? Carl Ny I have a very detailed schedule. I study a lot of scores and compose every day and practice usually 2 hours a day. Start usually working at 7.30 and end 9PM. CL

2016-05-11 What is your present life right now? Do you have a wife and kids? P.S. This is also for the project. John K. Ohio, USA I have a wife and four kids, and also a grand daughter CL

2016-05-10 What was your inspiration for the trombone? Please respond soon, this is for a project! John K. Ohio, USA I heard Jack Teagarden play and sing and loved it. Therefore my friends and I started a dixieland band and I bought a trombone and started take lessons. I was 17 year old at that time. CL

2016-02-27 Any tips or books on stage presence or did that come naturally to you? Do you have any do.s and don.ts when performing? Manny Us Just try to be natural on stage, and remember that the second you take your first step on to the stage you are in fokux, so just treat it as if you are among friends and would like to give them a really good experience!! CL

2016-01-31 When you first met your wife, how did you balance time with her and practicing? I have trouble balancing time with my girlfriend and practicing so much appreciated tip! Jake Us I think you just have to sit down and make agreement. To practice is a real job, something that you need to do to earn money in the end, and there is a certain amount you just have to do to be successful. It is not easy to understand this always for a partner, but talk it through and see if you can agree on how to manage the balance. In one way it is not different from going to an office working, but that is something that most people understand you have to do, otherwise you loose your job. Best of luck, and try both to be flexible!! CL

2016-01-30 Hello, dear Mr. Lindberg! I wrote to email that you said me for notes of your Black Hawk Eagle for comрetition in Dusseldorf 2016, but I havent answer yet. What I have yo do? Рolina Tarasenko Ukraine-Russia I do not know why, but just try again, you can also order from the homepage CL

2016-01-11 Hello Mr. Lindberg. The road of becoming a successful musician is not easy. What was the most challenging thing to you before you become who you are today and how did you deal with it? Best regard! A lost soul Malaysia No it is really really tough! The most challenging is to be patient. One practices hard, but what you practice today might give results only after a year of so. The body, the brain, the lips must get mature and work like a machine, and it takes time!! important is to practice slow and regularly! Best of luck!! CL

2015-12-10 Diea Mr Linberg I am going to take art tothe cometition in Dusseldorf next year and I know that you are writing Black Hawk Eagle (commissioned for the 2016 International Aeolus Competition for Wind Instruments) /I would like to know, did you finish and where could I get note. Bets regads, Tarasenko Полина olina Tarasenkoi Ukraine-Rissia all the world))) Dear Olina, The piece is finished and could be ordered from CL

2015-11-20 Dear Mr. Lindberg, I am a current student of Ian Bousfield in Bern, and I am writing a research paper on the stylistic and equipment changes that took place on the trombone during the 20th century. I would love to hear your thoughts on what caused the switch to an overall darker sound and larger instruments compared to that which was common in the early 1900s. I understand you are very busy, but I would love to conduct a short interview with you if possible. Thank you very much for you time, and best wishes. Matt Striplen USA I believe that the Conn 88 created by Emory Remington and Conn in collaboration was when orchestra musicians started to play large large bore trombones. This in itself made players get darker sound. CL

2015-10-12 How do you know if you are using too much mouthpiece pressure? And what syllable do you use for high range to keep it open and dark/warm. Ed Us You have to use some kind of pressure, but if you get red and scars then you press too much. The mest thing to avoid pressure is to use a lot of air. And the way to find out if you do not use enough pressure is if the air is leaking out from the corners of the lips. Best of luck ed! CL

2015-09-02 Hi Mr. Lindberg, I get braces in a couple of weeks. I find it awful and have worries about my tone quality and technique. Do you recommend some books or methods that can be helpful? I also want to say that I think you are currently the best trombonist in the world. Your trombone performances are amazing. Maarten The Netherlands Thanks Maarten, I wish I had a tip for you, but I have very little experiences with people playing with braces. I did have some playing at masterclasses, and it seemed to work OK, but you should be very careful to make sure your embouchure stays the same, and that you do not play so much so that it hurts!! Best of luck, and remember, life is very long, so a couple of days/weeks/months without playing regularly is not so bad! Read books, play soccer or basketball, or do other things that you like if you get pain in the lips from playing with the braces! CL

2015-07-24 Are there any good exercises for lip vibrato or diaphragm vibrato for a student who has never used them before? Payaam K United Kingdom I used to try very hard to practice all kinds of vibrato wen I was a student, but my impression was that it just maid it sound unnatural. My position is this: If your vibrato does not come naturally, from inside, as something you would like to express, it is in fact better to play without. CL

2015-07-17 do you think youve gotten better technically on the trombone in the last 20 years? Or even musically? If you could go back and record you old albums would you play it completely differently also? Ed us For sure one improves over the years, and even if I am very proud of all my CD:s in the past, and would not change my interpretations radically, they would certainly sound different today! With age comes a certain depth to the sound, and also musical maturity, which results in more colours and deeper expression. CL

2015-04-28 Dear Mr. Lindberg, do you know any effective single tonguing exercises that will gradually increase my single tonguing speed throughout the weeks? Thanks you :-) Rey United States If you do the arban double tongue studies in Arban but do them all in single tongue: first slow, then medium fast och finally as fast as you can. At the same time make sure the tongue is relaxed and the air is supporting properly. Best of luck! CL

2015-04-19 What type of Music do you play, Mr Lindberg? Levi England Dear Levi, do go to "videos" under this homepage and you will clearly find our :-) I guess it is called Western Classical Arts Music CL

2015-04-02 Where can I purchase Chick A Bone Checkout for Alto, Tenor, and Bass trombone? Seth Ward USA Dear Set, just write to or go to their website CL

2015-02-07 Hello Mr Lindberg! When will you record your golden eagle concerto on cd? I have never heard anything compareable! Unbelieveable! Any plans of coming to vienna for a recital in future? Thanks Thomas Thomas zsivkovits Austria Thanks for this, we are eagerly waiting for the recording company to put up the dates, so just be patient, or actually, write to them yourself! Regards CL

2015-02-05 Mr. Lindberg, On your Russian Trombone album you play a piece entitled "Improvisation" by Alexander Goedicke. I have been searching high and low for years for the music for it. Do you know if it is available commercially, the publisher etc and how I might be able to find it? Thank you so much! Brian Mason USA Unfortunately it was such a long time ago, and I do not recall where I got the music from...? I guess it was one of the russian albums that some publisher there used to sell in the 80s and 90s. Best of luck finding it! I do not myself even hare the music any more :-( CL

2015-01-31 How do you work on endurance? I want to be able to practice as much as i can, but my chops can not handle what i want to do. Seth Ward United States You just have to be patient! It takes years to build up endurance, jsut slowly push the boundaries, a little bit each year, but never go too far! Then you might end up destoring yourself! Have a look on my youtube clips Trombone tip no 1-10 !! CL

2015-01-18 Hi Sir! Amazing "Golden Eagle Concerto"!! Is it possible to get the sheet music of it? Greetings! Pau Spain Absolutely! Write to and order score and solopart. CL

2014-12-11 Hi, I was wondering where I could get sheet music for your music on tangophoria, I couldnt find it on the tarrodi website. Ed USA Do write to Julianna at . Some of it is published and som e on its way I believe CL

2014-12-06 Hello, do you think long tones in the high range along with using the mouthpiece up there helps that range easier? If so, how do you practice your long tones? Seth Ward united states Dear Seth, I do not think you should play on the mouthpiece up there! Long notes are helping, but the best for high register is to look at my trombone tip no 9 on Youtube! CL

2014-09-15 Hi! Im working out of the Caruso book and I know you used to also. I was wondering, how did you approach the studies and how long each day did you use te exercises? Ed Usa I used to be very careful with those. Maximum 5-10 minutes preferably every second day. Best of luck!! CL

2014-08-09 Mr. Lindberg, I recently acquired a Conn 36H alto. The valve lever is very awkwardly placed and is difficult to operate. When I hold the trombone, the valve lever is already against my face and it hurts to hold. Did you have any adjustments made to your alto to make it easier to hold? Thanks! Jon USA No,not at all! It felt exactly the same for me the first week, but you get used to it quickly. It is a FANTASTIC trombone and you will for sure get used to it CL

2014-07-01 Hello Mr. Lindberg! I love to listen to your music! I am 14 years old and I play trombone. I wondered what your favorite horn to play on was. I have a student one and I recently bought a Bach Stradavarius 42BO. I love the sound it creates. You are the greatest trombone player I have ever seen. If you could respond to this letter I would be an honor just to get a reply from you! Thank you for reading this and I hope you can respond soon! Sincerely, Ryan Lavin Ryan Lavin USA Dear Ryan, of course I am responding to your nice letter, sorry it took some time, I have been on instrument is CONN88CL with a CL2000 Valve system and mouthpiece 4CL. All this I have developed together with CONN as a so called "CHRISTIAN LINDBERG MODEL". You can get it or order it from most music shops in the world! Best of luck Ryan!! CL

2014-06-16 I have been a fan for many years, but only just today listened to your Sackbut and Voice CD from BIS. The playing was awesome, but what really struck me was your intonation, considering what instruments were being played (plus a singer!). Were you just born with perfect pitch-sense or did you practice playing over a tone? You keep even the highest notes perfectly in tune and it is discouraging, even to a pro like me! Best wishes! Reed USA Thanks a lot for your great compliment! I did practice intonation very sincerely, but probably it is also due to the fact that I was born with these ears. Hope it inspires you and keep up the good work dera friend! CL

2014-04-26 What instrument did you use to perform the Hornbone recording of the Mozart Cencertos? Was it an Alto Trombone? Bill Murphy USA Yes, it was the CONN 36H CL

2014-04-24 Hello Mr.Lindberg. Whats sorts of activities do you plan in Riga this 2014 and next 2015 summer? Best of luck! Robin Latvia This time I am conducting my own piece, Tales of Galamanta, Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet, Bolero and West Side story, next year I do not know yet. CL

2014-03-28 Dear Christian, Thanks for your reply! Could you explain more on how you can buzz at two places on the lip? By loosen the corners or move your chin? Best, Jimmy UK Press against upperlip and release under lip until you get two notes. easiest is if you connect f attachement and play a and then you will eventually also get the f below best of luck! CL

2014-03-26 Dear Christian, How can you make double buzz sound on trombone? Is this the way you use when you add your voice to make a chord? Best, Jimmy UK There are two ways: Sing and play. Example: Folke Rabe Basta, Sandström Don Quixote--- or buzz at two places on the lip creating two different notes. Example: Xenakis Keren, Berio SOLO CL

2014-03-15 Fabulous playing in liverpool tonight. I particularly enjoyed the schumann in the first half. Nice to hear some great piano playing too. Wonderful evenings. Well played. David Scotland Thanks a lot David!! I apreciate that very much! CL

2014-02-20 Hi Mr. Lindberg, I was wondering if you have heard of orchestras play Derek Bourgeois Symphonies or have thought of conducting them yourself? I love his trombone and brass quintet music, and I went to his website and saw he has written over 90 symphonies! Curtis Biggs USA I love his trombone concert too, and have also conducted som of his other pieces, but I was not aware that he wrote over 90 symphonies! My god!! I have to look in to that, thanks for the tip! CL

2013-11-09 Hi Mr. Lindberg! What practice mute would you recommend? Thanks for your time! Steven Canada I think that Yamaha made a good one CL

2013-11-09 Dear Mr. Lindberg, I do lots and lots of four-octave slurred arpeggios every day as part of my daily routine from pedal B-flat all the way up to altissimo B-flat and beyond, and I support well and the soun is good, but I still have trouble with endurance on a piece like Deux Danses. My endurance just is not that good I guess I think maybe my mouthpiece is too big (it is a Greg black 3M, slightly bigger than the Bach 3G, I think). I know people like Alessi play on mouthpieces even larger than this and try have no trouble with the high range. I have been working on this for years, and I do not know what to do. Also, when I do long tones in the high range on notes from B-flat to high F, I end up not being able to play much higher than F because I get too tight. I have been working on this for years and I do not know what to do. Joe United States Try a 5CL!! CL

2013-09-24 Hello Mr. Lindberg, I love your music! Not just only the fact that you can play perfectly the trombone, I also love your compositions! I have a question to the piece "vid sista udden": Where can I buy the sheet music from this piece or is there no chance to get it? Thank you very much! And the next time you make a concert in Germany I hope to see you the first time live on stage! Jonathan Germany Dear Jonathan, thank you for this inspiring message, happy to hear this!! You can order Vid Sista Udden at Tarrodi Edition if You write to All the best, CL

2013-09-09 hello mr. lindberg! i would love to know which will be your next solo cd trombone project. or at least when i can expect a new lindberg trombone cd. thanks a lot!!! thomas zsivkovits burgenland Next will be a Tango CD with trombone, bandoneon and piano. It will be recorded in december and then released in 2014-15 CL

2013-08-17 Hi Mr. Lindberg, How fast do you think a professional trombonist should be able to single-tongue? Or does it matter how fast as long as there is an overlap with the double-tongue? Thanks Curtis Biggs USA I think ideally up to 144 16th note, but if You practice double tongue and can do that easily from 112 it is OK with 120 to overlap. CL

2013-07-02 Hi Mr. Lindberg. I admire you soo much!!!! I love the fact that you are able to touch and connect with the audience with your warm tone, your technique is amazing, and I hope to play amazing like you in the future. I do have two questions. I wanted know what warmup routines i can do everyday to play with a huge warm tone. secondly, what advice can you give to trombone players about performing in front of an audience and stage fright? Thank you very much !!!!! Krystal Osei United States Look at my trombone tip no 1 and 2 in my video diaries on youtube. That is simply my warmup. Regardign stage fright You have to work on Your self confidence as a person, and be prepared to make mistakes without punishing yourself! Best of luck CL

2013-06-28 Have you ever thought of transcribing the Elgar Cello Concerto for trombone? - it is a great work and might work has been transcribed fro viola which was ok but does not have the deep tones of the trombone which I beleive would be better. Barry Cameron England Woudl be great but extremely difficult!! I am too busy with my composing commissions to find time to do such a transcription. My advice is that You try it out yourslef!! Best of luck! CL

2013-06-24 Hi Mr. Lindberg, Do you know who the publishers for the Grondahl Concerto are? Where can I purchase a score for trombone and orchestra? Thanks David Canada The publisher is "Samfundet for dansk musik". Have fun with this great concerto, CL

2013-06-24 Hola mestro. antes que todo dejeme felicitarlo por ese talento tan grande y por ser uno de mis mas grandes referentes en el trombon. tengo dos preguntas . la primera es como puede mejorar el doble ataque en especifico para tocar el cardaz. y la segunda que puedo hacer para mejorar la primera vista . muchas gracias. alberto panama Thanks for that Alberto, I am honored! If You look at my Youtube "tChristian Lindberg Video Diary and trombone tip no 5" You will see how to improve double tongue. Prim Avista You can improve best by reading slowly music for 10-15 minutes per day. It will take a couple of month before it is improved, but that would be my advice. Best of luck! CL

2013-06-14 Hello, why picture of penguines with the arcitc phil? Øyvind Norway It was just for fun, musicians with tailcoats look like penguines... CL

2013-05-19 I saw your concert at Hamer Hall in Melbourne last night and it was thrilling to actually see you live for the first time. I enjoyed your interpretation of Sibelius 2nd especially the outer movements. It was the first time that I had heard "the Waves of Wollongong" but it is great to hear some brilliant trombone music and of course the Mozart concerto was fantastically virtuosic as always. Thank you for being such a fine inspiration to a young trombone player! Stuart Australia Thank You very much Stuart, it warms my heart to hear! CL

2013-05-10 Kara Christian! Kunde Du inte ha vantat med Din Melbourne konsert till November, dar jag finns varje vinter, hos dotter Maya, gift och bosatt pa sodera halv klotet. Jag skall uppmuntra mina Melbourne vanner att ga till Din Mozart & Sibelius konsert. Lycka till. Kram & kara halsningar. Ulla K. i London Ulla K. i London UK Ja det hade ju varit fint! Om de vill komma måste de snabba på för det är nästan utsålt! CL

2013-04-17 Mr. Lindberg, I hope you are doing well. I am going to your concert at KOBE in June. I am really really looking forward to seeing your entertainment. In fact, my son, YUSEI, is the one admires you so much. He is 14 years old, member of the Tamagawa Acadmy Brass Band in Tokyo. My son just achieved the Gold award from the Japan Junior Wind and Percussion Competion playing Trombone Concerto by Grendahl. He is so excited to see your performance as well. He is so glad to see real you and your performance!! We are looking forward to your great concert!! Yoshi Sakamoto Japan Dear mr Sakamoto, Thank Tou for Your wonderful message, I am so much looking forwards to meeting You and Your son in Tokyo in June! Warmest Regards CL

2013-04-16 Hi Christian, What is your technique for trilling? Thanks, Louis. Louis Williams New Zealand It is exactly the same as a slow natural legato speeded up. There are some great studies in Arban that prepeares You for the trill slowly, faster, faster. Best of luck! CL

2013-03-11 Hi how are you. i love your music Amber New Zealand I am fine thank you!! CL

2013-02-28 Hi Christian, Do you think the teeth formation is important for getting a clean attack? I have a sharp teeth at the left side of my lower teeth so I have to move the mouthpiece to the right side. I find I have to puff when go down for low notes and hard to get a good articulation. Zo] Hungary I would not be worried! Just try to keep same embouchure as on middle F (second line from above in bass clef) and practice flexibility and attack everyday the same way and it will probably take care of itself!! Best of luck!! CL

2013-02-26 Dear Christian, Many thanks for your reply! So no matter the range you will play, when you start a note, your tongue will touch your lips? So your tongue will aim the same place for every note? Sorry for taking your time, but this is really the first time that I have heard a great player told me that the tongue is allowed to touch the lips. Best, Jimmy Jimmy UK Actually, in the top register it sort of goes back a little, and also in fast tonguing, but a pure attack will almost always, in middle and low register, touch my lip when I play!!! Best of luck! CL

2013-02-23 Dear Christian, I have just watched your video diary on youtube, you said place the tongue gently on the lip at the end of inhaling, will you do the same thing when you play the trombone? Because so many teachers said that the tongue should never touch the lips... Many thanks for your help! Best, Jimmy Jimmy UK The lip should absolutely touch the lip! But very very gently!! That is at least how I do it, and have done it on all recordings You have heard, so don´t worry about what theachers say you should NOT do! Listen to the ones saying what You SHOULD do!! Best of luck! CL

2013-02-20 where can i get the materials that you use to practise sir...would be grateful...and when are you coming to st vincent to play cuthbert lee st vincent I will come to St Vincent whenever someone invites me there :-) I used to practice: Schlossberg, Lafosse, Vobaron, Hansen, Collins, Arban, Couillaud, scales, flexibility, studies and concertos, so best of luck with all this!! CL

2013-01-23 Mr. Lindberg, I know the "Two Variations on a Gregorian Chant" arranged by yourself is available through Tarrodi, but have you released or do you plan to release a published version of the third movement, or rather 3rd chant, that you recorded on the "Unaccompanied" CD as well? This is my favorite of the three and havent been able to find it for purchase. Thank You. Matt I will look in to it! Was such a long time since I did it, and I had never found time to publish it...will try to fit the time in!! CL

2013-01-22 Hello Mr. Lindberg, at first I must say that I am very impressed of you, not only as an trombonist, also as a Musician in general! I have a question to You: You have made very much trombone CDs and you recorded nearly every great piece for the trombone. Why have You never recorded the Trombone Sonata from Bertold Hummel? Greetings from Germany! Jonathan Joanthan Germany Good question! I would have loved to do that, but there was never time. There are so much music to record, and if You are a trombonist yourself YOU should record it!! CL

2013-01-18 Gostaria muito de estudar com você, pois seria a realização de um sonho da selva amazônica ! Salomao Versoza de SOUZA Manaus Amazonas Brasil That was a very poetic way of putting it! Unfortunately I do not tach at all nowaday, have no time at all, but I do masterclasses now and then, so hope to see You at one of these one day! CL

2012-11-23 Hi Mr.Lindberg. I am looking to buy one of your mouthpieces and I have a few questions. I currently play on a Conn 5G mouthpiece and I am wondering which mouthpiece is the most equivalent to this. Also, I have been playing for four years now. Will the mouthpiece fit my experience level? Michael Canada I think You should go for 4CL. It is primarily going to feel smaller and brighter, but once You have got used to it, you can play this motupiece with less effort, and if You do that you will produce a round, big and wonderful sound. You will also notice that flexibility and attacks are much easier on 4CL than 5G. Best of luck!! CL

2012-11-13 Hi Mr.Lindberg, how much did you practice in your active performer career and if you missed a day of practicing, what were the effects like? David Canada Usually around 3-4 hours per day. I very rarely missed a day of practice, so I can really not remember what it felt like. Today it happens more regularly that i do not have time to practice every day because of my conducting career, but in two to three days i am back in top shap if I practice. It gets easier the older I get!! CL

2012-09-27 Hi Mr.Lingberg my name Padol from Thailand first i want to tell you that you are my idol to playing trombone and now im practice a piece that you wrote "Arabenne".It was so beautiful piece.And i have some question to ask you what gig bag that you use ? Padol Thailand Hi Padol! I am so happy to hear that You like Arabenne :-) My gig bag comes from Valencia from Romero Brass!! Good luck with your playing, and hope i will be able to hear You play Arabenne somtime!! All the best! CL

2012-09-17 Would you be interested in playing my trombone solo, "Brandy?" The soloist is Dr. Eddie Elsey, and the performance starts about 1:00 into the video. Thank you! Ed Romine Ed Romine Texas The piece is very beautiful, but I have very limited time to work on new pieces as I am incredibly busy as a composer and conductor today. CL

2012-09-15 Hi Mr. Lindberg! I am currently studying the Nino Rota Concerto. Your recording of it is simply spectacular! It is an inspiration every time I listen to it. I have one question: The rhythmic figure of sixteenth note, eighth note, sixteenth note, eighth note is what the 3rd movement starts with. You change that rhythm several times in the recording to continuous sixteenth notes (ie. after rehearsal marking no. 8 and before 19). I am curious as to your reasoning and would love to hear what you would have to say about it. Many thanks- all the best! Joseph Aumann USA Thanks for Your compliment, I guess it is a printing mistake, that is why. Nino Rota had many of these in his orchestral pieces too. CL

2012-09-04 Love the A Pettersson recording, all best Steven steven usa Thank You so much Steven!! CL

2012-08-29 Think you are the best. Do you do a lot of long tone practice in your daily routine and exactly how do you go about it? Carole Carole J. Paul Canada Thank You!! Yes I do! I have just started a "trombone tip of the month on Youtube. If You follow it month by month You will see CL

2012-06-03 Hello Mr. Lindberg! My name is Jakob (17 years old), I come from Hamburg, Germany, and I am a big fan of You! Mybig wish is just to hear you one time playing the trombone or conducting an orchestra, but I cannot find a concert where You play or conduct in Germany or in countries next to Germnay.... It would be amazing to see and hear You in a concert and not only on CD´s. Do You know if there is a chance that You will make a concert the next time near or in Germany? Thank You very much!!! Best regards, Jakob P.S.: Do You know where I can buy the notes from the pieces of the CD "The Criminal trombone"? I can´t find them in the internet. thank You! :-) Jakob Germany Dear Jakob, Thank You fir this nice message. I will play and conduct in Stuttgart on the 18th of October! STuttgart RAdio Orchestra. Come back stage and say hello! CL

2012-05-30 Mr. Lindberg, I was wondering if you had any advice on becoming a better technical player. Also what advice do you have for someone needing to get better at sightreading? Thank you for your time, Byron Sleugh Jr Byron Sleugh USA The best advice I can give to You is to practice every day minimum 4X24 minutes, and to use 15 minutes of this time every day on sightreading. Best of luck!! CL

2012-05-24 Hello Mr. Lindberg my name is Giovante Brooks. I just finished writing a Trombone Quartet Warm-up book and i was wondering if i could send it to you and have you look over it and give me some pointers.thanks. Giovante Brooks USA Very interesting. I am extremely busy as You probably can understand, but if You send it to my management Svensk Konsertdirektion I will try to find time to look at it. Warmest regards, Christian CL

2012-05-07 Thank you for a fantastic performance of La Boheme in Tromsø.!! Mårten Norway Thanks a lot Mårten!! CL

2012-05-06 Hello Christian I wanted to know what method you used for the double detached compliments are the best. Guido Gemignani (Torre del Lago Puccini) Italy Guido Gemignani Torre del Lago Puccini I did not unerstand this question? CL

2012-04-26 Hello Mr. Lindberg my name is Giovante And i was wondering if you could give me some tips on having a successful Trombone Quartet? Giovante Brooks USA Hi there, The most important thing is to find four players on the same level. Secondly make sure You divide important tasks between the four of You. Thirdly, make sure You get concerts, so that You can develop Your artistic performance quality!! Best of luck, Warmest Regards, CL

2012-04-19 I always enjoy hearing you play. I always go to pickup my trombone and play because I am so inspiried. I will turn 70 in June and I am always willing to learn as much as I can. Any warm up tips that you have to share? Thank you for giving all of us trombonists a path to follow! Carole J. Paul Trombonist Carole J. Paul Canada Always start your warmup in the middle register! long notes and simple slurs!! Best of luck! CL

2012-04-15 Good luck with the Vienna Marathon.!!!!!! Frederich austria Thanks!! It was fun!! CL

2012-04-14 Hello, Mr Lindberg. I am a trombonist, I am 10 y/o/. I play 2 yeas. What do you think,where in the world the best school for contunine the learning of trombon playing? I like your Chardash in you tube very much. I like joke and musik together. Best regards,POlina POlina Tarasenko Ukraine The best place to go to is Hannover, to study with Jonas Bylund CL

2012-03-23 Mr. Lindberg, my wife, 5.5 year old son Enzo, and I will be coming to your concert in Barcelona in late May. Enzo makes a nice sound on his P Bone and plays violin well for his age. He loves the L Mozart concerto and is listening to the other pieces shown on the programme. We will be sitting on the stage and greatly look forward to the evening! Ben Baldanza USA How Wonderful!! Hope that Your son will enjoy the evening!! CL

2012-03-12 Dear Mr. Lindberg, My name is Matt Striplen, and I am a trombonist studying at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with Mark Lawrence. I will be participating in a concert tour across Europe this summer as part of the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra. Would it be possible for me to play for you sometime between July 7-21? I will be arriving in Germany on June 21. I will also be giving the American premier of the Michael Nyman Concerto this May, and playing this for you would be a tremendous honor for me. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Matt Striplen Matt Striplen USA Dear Matt, great to hear that You will play the Nyman Concerto!! Best of luck and great success!!! unfortunately I will not be able to meet You in July, but please stay in touch and tell me how the premiere turned out!! I am really curious to hear how the american audience will react to this beautiful piece!! CL

2012-03-04 Hello and thanks for a wonderful concert last night. an unforgettable evening. the orchestra sounded like never before. thanks once again. All teh best Mark Mark England I am so glad You liked it, and that You thought the orchestra sounded great!! They were wonderful to work with them!! CL

2012-03-04 Hello, we enjoyed your concert today (4 March) with the Liverpool Philharmonic.Liked your smiles and good humour, your shirts are eye catching too ! All the best to you. bob perkin UK Thank You Bob!! Happy to hear You liked it!!! CL

2012-03-02 Thank you for a most enjoyable concert with our Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra this evening. Great interpretations, loved the Sandstrom, super concert!!. Ruth Shrubsole England Thank You so much Ruth!! I enjoyed it too!! CL

2012-03-02 Dear Christian - Just wanted to say what a brilliant night it was at the Liverpool Phil on Thursday - I wish I could hear the whole performance all over again as all three pieces were thrilling and wonderful to listen to. Lucky for me that will be there to hear you conduct the Helios Overture and Sibelius 2 Symphony again on Sunday, with Grieg too! Best wishes, and thank you again for a superb evening. Marcus Crompton England Thank You Marcus!! CL

2012-02-28 Hello! looing forward to the concerts hear in Liverpool. You are a truly inspiration. A complete and total musician. Fantastic!!!! Paul Thank You so much Paul :-) CL

2012-02-24 Thank you for the concert yesteday evening, Fantastic. Will never forget it. went right to my hear.... Maestro Fredrico Thank You Fredrico!!! CL

2012-02-23 Hello, you are a true star. really looking forward to the concert tonight. you inspire so many people, wish you all the best. saludos RIcky D Thank You Ricky!! CL

2011-11-05 Antes de todo muchas gracias por comunicarse con nosotros los trombonistas que estamos haciendo un camino. mi pregunta es la siguiente: como puedo empezar atrabajar el doble ataque? y que rutinas me recomienda para aumentar mi nivel? muchas gracias maestro alberto bogota You practice double tongue by going through all the exercises in Arban school. Best of luck Alberto!! CL

2011-11-04 Hi My name is Nicolas Kent and am 15 years old.I was just wondering if you were coming to the UK playing trombone any time soon? Also i was just wondering if you could help me on the Ferdinad David concerto as I have to play it for an audition. I have got you playing it on the album Romatic Trombone Concertos. Thank You Very Much, Nicolas Kent Mr Nicolas Kent UK I will be playing and conducting the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic in the beginning of March in Liverpool. Hope You come and hear me! Ufortuately I do not give lessons, but come and say ello backstage if You have a possibility :-) CL

2011-10-29 Hello, Christian! Do you already know what repertoire will be performed in Recife this year? There is any possibility of playing Keren or Trookh? Kind of a dream for a trombonist seeing this huge pieces live by the person who comissioned it! Maybe the same as for a violinist seeing Arditti playing Ferneyhough! Some friends of mine told that your concert in Brasilia was spetacular, unfortunately I couldnt be there. Long time I havent see you, all the best! Pedro Brazil Thank You so much!! Unfortunately not Keren or Troorkh, my viola concerto will be and I will also do some things with the trombone group from Hannover CL

2011-10-28 Dear Christian, When you start a note, will you place your tip of the tongue at the same place ( like at the bottom of the top teeth) no matter the register is? And let the middle of the tongue channel the pitch, like Claude Gordon said. Best, Jimmy UK no, it depends on many things, what kind of dynamic, attack and register CL

2011-10-26 Wonderfull job with OSTNCS yesterday! Congratulations! I have your cd with Motorbike Concerto by Sandstron. Just amazing! Thank you. Ricardo Brazil Thank You so much!! CL

2011-10-10 Dear Mr. Lindberg, I am currently studying to receive my doctorate in bass trombone, but i still love listening to all of your recordings. You have been such an inspiration to me since i was very young! Ever consider making a bass trombone with CL2000 valves!?! Or a bass trombone mouthpiece?!? BLJ USA This trombone already existws!! CON 62HCL!!! Best of luck CL

2011-10-10 Such an enjoyable read, and fantastic comments mario games NY Thank You very much CL

2011-09-03 I wanted to let you know that you are my number one model, and you are such an incredible musician. You have revolutionized the universe of music and trombone more particularly. I am a young trombonist and I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me and showing me that it is possible to live a passion, resulting into trombone being one of the things that allowed me to survive some of the most difficult times of my life. Every time I can see one of your videos, I can only dream that one day I will be a tenth of what you are and what you achieved as a musician. Thank you again for being an idol and a source of inspiration for that many trombonists. ALl I would want to know is... when did you realize that music was what you wanted to do. ps:if you could indicate anything that helped you considerably, something you did that was special and that you think contributed to the musician you are today? Gabriel Lafontaine Canada Thanks for Your very inspiring message Gabriel!! I was 17 when I realized I was born to be an artist on stage. It was during a concert playing dixieland music. In a way it was very hard to understand this so clearly when my friends around had no idea, but I decided to go my own way despite everything. Some people that helped me and supported me was Swedish composer Siegfried Naumann, trombonists Sven-Erik Eriksson, Denis Wick, John Iveson and Tubist Roger Bobo. Without their support it would have been even more difficult. Best of luck Gabriel!! CL

2011-09-01 I absolutely love your recording of the "Romeo and Juliet Suite" by Prokofiev and have been wanting to get a copy of the arrangement to learn for a recital. I contacted the publisher, Sikorski, and they said that they have not been able to get in contact with you to get a copy of the score. Is there any way for me to get a copy of this piece? Thanks Matt US I sent it to them ages ago, but they seem to have lost it somehow. The only place this is written down is in my and Roland Pöntinens heads...sorry! Also, today I am far too busy with commissions to find the time to rewrite it. CL

2011-08-16 Hi Mr. Lindberg, you are an inspiration to my Trombone playing and because of you I want to to it for the rest of my life, so a question so I know what you did, When you were practicing 8hrs a day how was your routine doing this schedule(like what specifically did you work on) and what method books were most used, Im guessing you were a professional by this time too. Edward US I was 20 years old , a student and lived in London. I woke up at 6, ran for 30 minutes, took a shower and then started to pratice at 7.00. I practiced 12 times 30 minutes study books like Arban, Schlossberg, Hansen, Vobaron, Couillaud, Lafosse and also concertos.In addition to that I rehearsed two hours of brass quintet. This much practice is only possible for a limited time, otherwise You really burn out, and while doing it You have to very carefully check that You are strong enough psychologically as well as physically to do it!! Best of luck Edward!! CL

2011-08-13 In the last variation of bluebells(the double tonguing part) do u double tongue all of it, or do u do natural slurs for the the slured part, also do if you do tongue all of it how do u do differentiate between the slurs and non slurred notes...Thank you in advance. Richardo US I make natural slurs without tonguing on the slurs and double tongue the rest. Best of luck, but remember: PRACTICE SLOW FIRST!! CL

2011-08-10 In an interview found here you said Yes! Yeah. Thats a big challenge and I like that very much. Ive started a special training program which is building muscle. I do one hour every morning now. What exactly is the program you used and how did you approach it? Carl USA I created something that from my students was nicknamed "Warmup from Hell". It included Yoga, Caruso studies trill and flex studies. I can´t exactly recall how I did it....? I wish one day to have enough time to publish these studies, but today I am unfortunately too busy....Bet of luck with your studies Carl!! CL

2011-08-04 Dear Mr. Lindberg, I would just like to thank you for being such an inspiration for me as a trombone player. Your skill, and your ability to play always inspires me to practice as much as I can. I have already been inspired enough to the point that I have auditioned for and made it into the Portland youth philharmonic. With much thanks, Nick. Nick USA Wonderful! I am so happy that I can be an inspiration to You! Best of luck with the trombone!! CL

2011-07-24 Dear Mr. Lindberg I have searched the whole blog but still have two questions concerning your mouthpieces. I play a conn 88HCL with a 4CL and a Conn 36H with a 15 CL mouthpiece and am absolutely happy with them. For jazz purposes I play a bach 36. 1. The 15CL seems to work fine with the Bach 36. Would it be better to use a 13 or 10CL, because the Bach 36 is a tenor trombone? Matthew West Switzerland Nice to hear that You like my mouthpieces! I would think that 10cl would be the best for a Bach 36. Best of luck!! CL