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A. Guilmant / C. Lindberg
    Morceau Symphonique op 88 (0)7'2222 2200 timp stgs
Egland Per
    Hava Nagila variations (2018)7'Solo flute 2,2,2,2,2 per
    Hine ma tov variations7'Solo flute 2,2,2,2,2 per
    Songs on behalf of the unsung22'22222200 2 perc Archi
    Sånger å de osjungnas vägnar22'22222200 2 perc Archi
F. David / A. Tarrodi
    Trb Concerto op 4 (0)16'Trombone & Windorchestra
F. David / C. Lindberg
    Trombone Concerto op 4 (0)16'2222 4(2)200 timp stgs
Högberg Fredrik
    The Return of Kit Bones trbn. Concerto no. 1 (2001)18'for Trombone and Orchest
J.G. Albrechtsberger / C. Lindberg
    Concerto for Alto Trombone (0)16'stgs bc
Kien Molly
    Pluto (2010)8'windorchestra
L. Mozart / C. Lindberg
    Concerto (0)13'2ob 2hn stgs bc
Lindberg Christian
    Black Hawk Eagle (2013)15'Trombone & orchestra
    Golden Eagle24'Trombone and Orchestra
    Akbank Bunka15'Trp & chamber orch
    Akbank Bunka15'Trp solo & Windorchestra
    Arabenne12'Tbn + Strings
    ASA10.33'Trb, el Vln & strings
    Av Blod Så Rött 28'Concerto for Chamber orc
    Behac Munroh16'tbn + trp + orch
    Behac Munroh16'tbn + trp + wind orch
    Black Bear in Motion28´'Doublebass and Orchestra
    Brain Rubbish10'wind orchestra
    Chick´a´ bone Checkout21'Bass Trb & symphony orch
    Chick´a´ bone CheckoutSolo Trombone & Windorch
    Concerto for winds and percussion14'
    Creeping out of the Muddeded21'Alto/Bariton Sax and win
    Ero Arctica28'Alto Trombone & Strings
    Fake News24'Symphony Orchestra
    Helikon Wasp15'conducting trombonist an
    Kundraan12'Trombone & Strings
    Kundraan and the Arctic Light23'
    Kundraan´s Karma16'Trombone & Strings
    Lightning Over Kythnos20'Woodwind Quintet & Symph
    Liverpool Lullabies22'Trombone, Percussion & O
    Mandrake in the Corner14'tbn + symph orch
    Mandrake in the Corner14'tbn + ch. Orch
    Mandrake in the Corner14'tbn + wind orch
    Mandrake in the Corner14'tbn + brass band
    Mandrake in the Corner14'2tbn + wind orch
    Mandrake in the Corner14'2tbn + brass band
    Mandrake in the Corner14'2 tbn & symph orch
    Memories from a Cloud20'Brassquintet & Windorche
    Memories from a Cloud19'Brassquinet & Orchestra
    Mr Hammersmith in Heaven21'Percusssion and orchestr
    Nilofar Garden24´'Indian Slide Guitar & Sy
    Nordland Nostalgia21´'Trombone and Chamberorch
    OctaviaFemale Timpanist & Winde
    Olle and the Steamboat Jetty19'Euphonium & Chamber orch
    Panda in Love18'Solo Tuba & Symphony Orc
    Peking Twilight20'for Symphony Orchestra
    Rhapsody For RainmanWindensemble
    Robot GardensWinds and Percussion
    Steppenwolf26'Viola and Orchestra
    Suite from Galamanta15'wind orchestra
    Symfoni 201732'
    Tales of Galamanta15,35'
    Tarantula24´'Symphony Orchestra
    The Erratic Dreams of Mr Grönstedt25´'Clarinet and Orchestra
    The Pathless Land24´'Trumpet and Orchestra
    The Tale of Kundraan14'Trb & orchestra
    The Waves of Wollongong15'9 Trb & symphony orchest
    The Wild Rose18'for Narrator & Chinese O
    The World of Montuagretta20'Flute + ch. Orch
Lindberg / Sandström
    A Scottish Play (0)26'Tbn + Strings
M. Haydn / C. Lindberg
    Concerto for Alto Trombone (0)18'2ob 2hn stgs bc
Muldowney Dominique
    Concerto for trb (0)20'3333 4331 3pc hp stgs
    Piccolo Concerto for Trb15'3333 4331 3pc hp stgs
N.Rimsky-Korsakov / C.Lindberg
    Concerto (0)10'2222 2200 timp stgs
Olsen Ole
    Symphony No. 1 in G Major, Op.5 (0)
    Trombone concerto in F Major12,05'
Pettersson A
    Symphony no 1 (0)30,11'for Symphony Orchestra
Sandström Jan
    A Motorbike Odyssey, short version (0)10' 22334331 4pc timp stgs
    A Christian SongTrb & Brassband
    A Christian Song4,25'Trombone and Strings
    A Christian Song4,50'Trombone & Brassband
    A Motorbike Odyssey20 / 10'22334331 4pc timp stgs
    Cantos de la Mancha15'2222 2200 3pc pi stgs
    Cantos de la Mancha Ch. Version15'1111 1100 2pc pi stgs
    Don Quijote33'2222 2200 3pc pi stgs
    Ecos De Eternidad24'2 solo Trombones & Symph
    Emperor´s Chant10'2222 4231 2pc stgs
    En Herrgårdssägen24'2222 4231 3pc stg
    Song to Lotta4'Trb & String orchestra
    Song to Lotta4,50'Trombone & Brassband
    Wahlberg Variations13'1111 1000 1pc stgs
Sandström / Högsted
    A Christian Song (2010)solo trb & wind ensemble
    Song to Lottasolo trb & wind ensemble
Telemann G. Ph
    Trombone concerto c-minor (0)10´'strings
Wagenseil Ch
    Concert per Trombone (0)10'fl 1.2 hn 1,2 strings